katonah yoga® & five element theory w/ jessica willis

katonah yoga® & five element theory w/ jessica willis


Jan 07, 2021 - Feb 11, 2021

Join Jessica Willis for a six session primer on the nuts and bolts of Katonah Yoga® and Five Element Theory used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Your strength can become your weakness and your weakness can become your strength.

Five Element Theory is a useful tool to self-reflect and gain more harmony and energy in your life. This series lays the foundation for Five Element Theory and how to practically harness its potent energy for daily living. We’ll look at the archetypes of each element to gain understanding about which elements are abundant in us and which ones we need to develop more of.

Each virtual session includes half theory and discussion and half yoga practice

In addition to live streaming, students receive a link to stream class good until the following week (in case you can’t join live or want to revisit the material)

image by @haileywist

Week 1: Katonah Yoga®

Katonah Yoga® is a blend of Hatha Yoga steeped in Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine. There are metaphors, magic squares, and concepts of measuring up that are important groundwork to get the most out of this style of yoga. It’s a practice that asks you to participate in your experience in each pose and in your evolution.

This first class will give you a glimpse of how Katonah® approaches yoga with fresh eyes.

Week 2: Water Element

The Water element in Five Element Theory corresponds with Winter and Kidneys. Winter is the most Yin of all seasons which means it’s the most mysterious, feminine, cold, quiet, inward, creative, and retracted. At first glance, those adjectives may not seem inviting, but Winter invites us to work on our inner self, building up practices and resilience that support our ultimate well-being.

Week 3: Wood Element

After Winter must come Spring. The Wood element aligns with Spring and Liver. Spring is when the seed that lay dormant in Winter, transcends. Spring is the time to take action through Liver energy. This is time to get clear on your game plan and move ahead.

Week 4: Fire Element

Summer, the pinnacle of the seasons. After the tremendous effort of Spring, we must be able to enjoy the fruit of our labor. Summer’s element is Fire and the organ associated with it is the Heart. We’ll explore getting our Heart and our head, in the right place for ultimate joy.

Week 5: Earth Element

After Summer, we find that sweet little transitional season we often call Indian Summer. In Five Element Theory, it’s known as Late Summer and is our Earth element associated with our Spleen. The season brings nourishment, as the bounty of the harvest is still abundant. It’s a time to slow down, contemplate the shifts occurring inwardly and outwardly, and bask in the final rays of the warming sun.

Week 6: Metal Element

Metal speaks of alchemy. Autumn and the Lungs are associated with the Metal Element and are all about communication, boundaries, a strong sense of values, and refinement. These are good qualities to establish as you prepare to go back in for Winter. They also help to define you and give you a greater sense of identity if that’s something you’re lacking.