josh liles

josh liles

Over the past two decades, Josh Liles has studied many forms of movement, breath work, and stillness. Synthesizing physical practices with quantum physics, transpersonal psychology, and the unifying myths and metaphors of cultural and religious traditions, Josh weaves together an embodied experience that plays with the contradiction of timeless consciousness within space and time. Josh guides students and seekers towards higher levels of consciousness and assists in the return home to the body to engage in an awakened multi-dimensional experience. Josh leads study groups, workshops and teacher trainings both nationally and internationally and lives with his wife, two daughters, and dog (Dixie) in Brooklyn, NY.

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"Josh has a unique and refreshing style of teaching. Don't be surprised if he takes you to new places!"

Training & Certifications

Nevine Michaan- Katonah Yoga

Jared McCann- Lighthouse Yoga School

Jani Jaatenen- Gokul Yoga Malaysia

Istvan Pono