katonah® restorative schedule

restorative yoga based in katonah theory is the unsung hero of yoga practices. this isn’t a restorative class that will put you to sleep, on the contrary, it will wake you up as you tune more acutely to your body.

in this restorative class, you’ll move through a series of hip openers, forward folds, twists, and backbends. yoga props are used as much as possible and are important because they give form and texture to your body allowing you to access different organ systems targeted through yoga postures. by the end of class you’ll shift your nervous system into better equilibrium, eventually amplifying your parasympathetic nervous system, your calmer and most grounded self.

when practicing from home and for the best experience, have at least two wood, cork, or heavy foam blocks. a yoga bolster would be best or a few yoga blankets along with an easily adjustable yoga strap and sandbags. you can improvise with items around your house (e.g. books, pillows) if you don’t have all of these items.