Yoga is for every BODY.

We empower our teachers to lead a practice that is unique and true to their own style, providing experiences for every yogi — whether novice, intermediate or experienced. See our FAQs for more info.

tangerine flow

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an all-levels vinyasa flow class that emphasizes breath, structure and alignment. students are encouraged to try various teachers, as each designs their classes based on their individual style and unique background.

katonah® restorative

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restorative yoga based in katonah theory is the unsung hero of yoga practices. this isn’t a restorative class that will put you to sleep, on the contrary, it will wake you up as you tune more acutely to your body.


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restorative yoga is meant to soothe your nervous system and create the conditions for deep relaxation. learn how to work with stress and meditation in an accessible and supported environment.

in-person classes
we are back in the studio and excited for you to join us!
8-person classes are starting now.