Yoga is for every BODY.

We empower our teachers to lead a practice that is unique and true to their own style, providing experiences for every yogi — whether novice, intermediate or experienced. See our FAQs for more info.

tangerine flow

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An all-levels vinyasa flow class that emphasizes breath, structure and alignment. This class is heated to 90 degrees. Students are encouraged to try various teachers, as each designs their classes based on their individual style and unique background.

tangerine flow+

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Tangerine Flow+ is an amplified version of our tangerine Flow class, with challenging sequences and an invitation to explore more advanced poses. This class is heated to 95 degrees.

foundational flow

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Discover how to stabilize your body from the ground up so you can feel more freedom in the foundational postures of yoga. This class focuses on alignment, structure and basic breathing techniques and will help students advance to higher-level classes. This class is heated to 85 degrees.

structural flow

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Learn how to set up postures so that you can support yourself well as you start to flow, hang, twist, and backbend. We will explore the idea of structure, strength and stability. This class is heated to 90 degrees.

form + function

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Expect anything from dynamic movement to soul-searching stillness. Expect to be challenged as we deconstruct postures, flip them around, and play with contradictions. This class pulls techniques from Katonah Yoga, Iyengar, Ashtanga and more. No experience will ever be alike and your practice may never be the same. This class is not heated.

flow + restore

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Experience a 45 min flow class followed by a therapeutic restorative practice. Work with an array of props to release muscle tension all while renovating your body, mind and spirit. This class is not heated.

flow + yin

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Experience a 45 minute flow that focuses on building strength and stability and then wind down with 30 minutes of Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga lengthens deep layers of connective tissue and fascia throughout the body by holding seated shapes for 3 minutes or more. You will get energy moving through the joints and bones of the body as well as improve mobility. This class is not heated.


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A restorative practice is a powerful weapon to have in your arsenal and a well-needed friend to all forms of movement. Come and experience a practice that wakes you up and allows you to bring your nervous system into a calm and stable territory. This class is not heated.

We’ll play with different poses supported by a wide array of props to support the structure of your body so that it can function optimally. You’ll leave with tools to create your own rituals that help you shift into your best self. This class borrows heavily from the magic of Katonah Yoga®.