prenatal yoga schedule

Your body is your house. It’s where you live and have your experience. Now that you’re pregnant, your body is now a house for two!

With so many shifts happening both internally and externally during pregnancy, prenatal yoga provides a unique avenue to cultivate the strength, trust, and confidence desired to experience the remarkable nature of your house, your pregnancy, and your birth.

Utilizing rhythm, ritual, and relaxation, we’ll explore the liminal realm of pregnancy and how prenatal yoga can support your individual needs.

Expect the following in each class:

>A mixture of Katonah restorative yoga + gentle flow

>Pelvic mapping (pelvic floor and transverse abdominal toning)

>Prenatal-friendly pranayama


>Community (circle time for 10-15 minutes before class starts)

This class is not heated.

sept 3 - nov 17

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