in-person series

in-person series


first series begins mar 31


$210 for 6 classes

All classes will adhere to the following health and safety guidelines:

• 6-week series rather than drop-ins (forms ‘pods’ to minimize exposure)
• everyone completes a COVID-19 survey before coming to the studio
• 25% capacity (8 students per series)
• 6-feet social distancing in and out of class
• Masks required at all times
• MERV-13 (hospital grade) filters in the ventilation system
• Heat will be on (~75-85 degrees), but not as hot as the before times (~90 degrees) so that masks don’t become soaked and fall off
• Mats and props are available to use – must be wiped down before/after use (you’re welcome to bring your own mat and props if you prefer)
• Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before class and leave within 10 minutes after class
• Locker rooms are closed – please come in your clothing
• No towels available – bring your own if desired
• No beverages for sale – water fill-up station available

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