intro to tarot w/ elizabeth crisci

intro to tarot w/ elizabeth crisci


Oct 26


225 schermerhorn st
brooklyn ny  11201


1:30 – 3:30pm


$65 + tarot deck

Are you curious about the 78 mysterious cards of the Tarot Deck? Ever seen one of the richly symbolic images and wondered what it meant or where to begin? The Tarot is a journey and everyone begins somewhere, this workshop is a great place to start. You will learn the classic Celtic Cross Spread, the highly useful Three Card Spread and several different ways to interpret cards. We’ll cover basic information that will help you get started and you’ll receive plenty of recommendations on how to continue on your way. Please bring a Tarot deck and notebook, no experience necessary.

Art by : @blindthesun


Signing up for a workshop is like buying concert tickets. There are no refunds or exchanges, so please be certain you will be able to attend before purchasing.

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