alyssa magasano

alyssa magasano

Alyssa Grace Magsano is a yoga instructor in New York City. As a former dancer, she loves movement of all kinds, and has truly found her heart home in practicing, learning, and teaching yoga. When she is not teaching, she spends her days cooking, writing, and snuggling with her pup Ella Nutella! A vagabond at heart, Alyssa loves to travel and has visited and practiced in many countries around the world – her top three favourites being France, Switzerland, and Greece. She is a graduate of New York University, where she earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Media, Culture and Communications with a minor in Creative Writing. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

"Alyssa's is a challenging but compassionate teacher. She made sure everyone was safe and felt welcome regardless of level, but also made sure everyone grew in their practice!"

Training & Certifications

500 HR RYT

70 HR Yin Training