flow for flow w/ abigail stevenson

flow for flow w/ abigail stevenson


Jan 06, 2021 - Jan 27, 2021

Life is an active, rhythmic, and happening thing, and although life feels chaotic a lot of the time (hello 2020!), a good frame, technique, or pattern to reference can bring us back to center. True agency lies in knowing and understanding the relationship between nature’s universal cycles and our personal patterns.

As womxn, we function on a lunar cycle and are constantly in dialogue with the moon’s ever-shifting positions. Whether you’re struggling with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), thyroid issues, PMS, you’re on the pill, getting off the pill, or hell, your period is perfect, understanding the frame of the lunar cycle can be incredibly empowering, and can allow us to see ourselves both personally and as part of a larger universal cycle.

In this 4-week virtual series with Abigail Stevenson, we’ll utilize the natural rhythms of the moon and explore how each phase corresponds to our menstrual cycle. Together, we can start to navigate our bodies’ transitions without resistance, reclaiming a sense of flow, and learn to embrace our lunacy.

Expect about 10-20 minutes of discussion and journaling per session plus 1 hour of practice (flow, restorative, and breathwork).

– Week 1: Follicular Phase (Waxing Moon)
– Week 2: Ovulatory Phase (Full Moon)
– Week 3: Luteal Phase (Waning Moon)
– Week 4: Menstrual Phase (New Moon)