transform to transcend w/ josh liles

transform to transcend w/ josh liles


Jan 09, 2021 - Feb 13, 2021

The path of a yogi was meant to be much more than a daily workout, yoga was meant to point you to a higher dimension.

In this virtual series, Josh Liles will lead a study in how yoga can be used like a shamanic ritual to prepare the body for the inward journey. We will study the symbology used in yoga via Jungian archetypes (mythological symbols that repeat within our own subconscious) to understand how our mind and emotions manifest in this embodied inward journey. We will use comparative religious studies, science and mathematics (ancient and new), yogic practices (traditional and modern) to help us map the way to our own highest evolution. This is a journey of tenacity, strength and courage, to discover the alchemical gold that is the power of your true Self.

In this deep study we will consider paradoxical teachings and counterintuitive methods. We will cross reference Science and Religion, Mathematics and Magic, Traditional Asana and Modern Movement Techniques, Astronomy and Astrology, and Current Physiological Studies and Esoteric Body Maps. We will build up a historical reference to triangulate with where we are today to where we want to go.

Building a strong personal foundation helps set our own boundaries, create our own habits, and guide us toward transformation and transcendence.

In addition to live streaming, students receive a link to stream class good until the following week (in case you can’t join live or want to revisit the material)

The Sun And The Moon (Constancy and Change)

– Why Do We Salute The Sun?
– The Role of Salutations in Yoga Practice (Sun, Moon, Water and Others)
– Mythology and Archetype Symbolism of The Sun and The Moon as They Relate To Our Journey
– Why does the Buddha face the sun?

The Warrior and The Monk (Power and Passivity)

– How does Hatha Yoga Prepare Us For The Inward Quest?
– Practice and Study of Balancing and Hatha Yoga and its connotation
– What does mythology, Archetype and Symbolism tell us of The Warrior and The Monk in Practice?
– The warrior and the monk teach us to hold ground and retreat.

Bridge Over Water (Solid and Flowing)

– How do we set up boundaries for practice in an ever changing universe?
– Practice and Study of Using Measure To Develop an adaptable practice to an ever changing body.
– Study the archetype of the arch and the archetype of water
– How can we use ancient mathematics, astronomy, and modern quantum physics to give us a bearing and help us create our own practical map for practice?
– How do we move forward in an unpredictable world?

The Story Of The Knife Master (Tension and Release)

– How do we balance effort and release within our practice?
– How does the myth of Hermes teach us about twisting in practice?
– How do Greek Myths and Indian Religion both point to the same energies in practice?
– What do the psoas and the diaphragm have to say about how we move through life?

The Tomb and The Womb (Surrender and Rebirth)

– How do we find surrender in practice?
– What are the rebirth stories from mythology and comparative religion that can help guide us?
– What does the archetype of the seed tell us about the power of surrender?
– What can soil and water tell us about our own capacity to transcend?

Full Circle (Portals and Perimeters)

– Why do circles and mandalas so often appear in Yogic and religious iconography?
– How do we find understanding and use the power of paradox?
– How do we create our own mandala of personal reflection?
– What do circles represent when we think about our journey as a whole?